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The CodeX Liberator unlocks the Xtraordinary Business Mind

As code breakers of ancient paradigms, we know 2021 to be the year to re-evaluate and re-write your 
life and specifically your business metrics of success. What a great time to be alive and to have new
solutions and changes resulting in a much healthier lifestyle and more specifically unlimited greater ROI.

Hello and welcome to CodeX.
Kindly visit the site our your desk- or laptop.
Thank You. 

What is CodeX

For you, as our client, Dr. Eivor Johansson has invented an original approach based on scientific research and personal experiences on how the human soul evolution manifests in life and business.

The old adage “Know Thyself” is present every day. You only evolve from Human Shadows to Ascended Mastery once and for all in your personal evolution. 

There are 7 Key Codes within the human body that assist your path for the human higher spirit to reside 100% in the body. The result is the unity of Body and Soul, Spirit and Mind. The physical Key Codes are to be found in a very scientific way in specific areas of the body.

Navigational sophistication and intelligence are simple ways of life. Inside the soul, a rich complexity, an astounding grasp of who you truly are, what is happening right now, and what it means, lives on undisturbed.

The story lies inside. Many times and places, many dimensions and worlds are set loose to be simultaneously worked out, played out, encompassed, and freed up.

There is a dazzling virtuoso performance inside the soul of letting go of everything, and you are invited. Why is it necessary for my Business to explore 7 Key Codes?

Cosmic Laws dictate your internal personal and external business evolution. Your business infrastructure and business success depend on your willingness to expand beyond your personal and business limitations and break through your glass ceiling.

You can’t change what you do not acknowledge, and that is why it’s important to unlock those keys for greater freedom of expression and expansion of your business beyond your wildest imagination. This is what you have been waiting for eons for. This is it.

Reimagine your business infinite future

Future business is guided by consciousness on both sides of the brain

We provide you with the legendary service of cutting-edge solutions.

Disruptive Innovations with Dr. Eivor Johansson is spearheading the transformational coaching industry in 2021. We offer the advanced invention of unique strategies that will radically transform your life and business 360 degrees inside-out.

Our teachings are based on lasting actionable strategies, executed in a secure, and trustworthy way. Results will be based on your short and long-term personal and business goals, the keys to exponential growth.

2021 Revolutionary breakthroughs in your Business

This new epoch offers Meaning, Purpose, Flexibility, Possibilities, and most of all Freedom to express your Original, Authentic, Truth Soul Matrix in Life and Business.  

Dr. Johansson and her team make sure to help you break through old outdated internal software programs so you are free to live through your innate hardware, heart coherent soul matrix. 

Sounds complicated? Not at all. We all come into this life with downloads from ancient times and it’s our fiduciary responsibility to stop and converge what is no longer working in life, business, relations, partnerships et al.

Our teachings are based on lasting actionable strategies, executed in a secure, and trustworthy way. Results will create a personal flow and drive future economic business growth, the keys to greater ROI.

CodeX is your Business Liberator

  • Manifestation. Rooting. Financial freedom. 
  • Relation/Partnership. Creativity. Pleasure.
  • Self-worth. Self-esteem. Self-confidence. 
  • Love. Joy. Inner Peace. 
  • Communication. Speaking your truth. Self-expression. 
  • Intuition. Imagination. Wisdom. 
  • Inner Beauty. Outer Beauty. Spiritual connection. 

In addition to these Keys, there are infinite numbers to explore.

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